The VI th National Symposium of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery


Scientific Program
The VIth National Symposium of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

06 December 2014
Rin Grand Hotel, Bucharest

Conference Hall 1

08.30 - 08.40 Opening Ceremony
08.40 - 10.40 Session I - Multidisciplinary Approach of Metabolic Syndrome
Cătălin Copăescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Ciprian Duţă (Timişoara, Romania)
Nicolae Iordache (Bucharest, Romania)
08.40 - 08.50 Introduction: Actual Trends of Metabolic Surgery
Cătălin Copăescu (Bucharest, Romania)
08.50 - 09.05 The Actual Role of Bariatric Surgery in the Treatment of Patients with
Metabolic Syndrome - the Endocrinologist Expectancy

Anca Sârbu, Simona Fica (Bucharest, Romania)
09.05 - 09.20 Metabolic Effect of Bariatric Surgery on T2DM
Mahir Özmen (Ankara, Turkey)
09.20 - 09.35 Collaborating Centers for Obesity Management in Europe
Volkan Demirhan Yumuk (Istanbul, Turkey)
09.35 - 09.45 “CREDOR” - A RTC for the Efficiency of Metabolic Surgery versus Conservative
Treatment in Patients with Poor Control of T2DM

Bogdan Smeu, Constantin Ionescu Tîrgoviște, Cristian Gruja, Daniela Lixandru, Gabriela Tanko, Cătălin Copăescu (Bucharest, Romania)
09.45 - 09.55 Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Nonalcoholic Liver Disease.
Risk Assessment in Patients with Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Roxana Maria Livadaru, Vasile Drug, Anca Trifan, Lidia Ionescu, Radu Dănilă, Daniel Timofte (Iaşi, Romania)
09.55 - 10.05 Bile Acids, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity - Is Metabolic Surgery the Key?
Florinela Căţoi Galea (1), Romeo Florin Galea (1), A. Mironiuc (1), Cătălin Copăescu (2), Bogdan Smeu (2), Simona Filip (2), Maura Priboi (2), Ionuţ Hutopilă (2), Irina Bălescu (2), Sorin Velici (2)
(1) Cluj-Napoca, Romania
(2) Bucharest, Romania
10.05 - 10.15 The Incretin Theory in the Surgery of Diabetes
Sergiu Bălan, Sergiu Revencu, Ghenadie Conțu, Oleg Conțu, Dan Revencu (Chişinău, Republic of Moldova)
10.15 - 10.25 Preoperative Management of Super-Obese Patients (BMI>50kg/sm) in a Centre of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
Roxana Bădescu, Adelina Constantin, Daniela Godoroja (Bucharest, Romania)
10.25 - 10.35 Management of Nutritional Deficiencies after LSG
Oana Dumitrache, Ruxandra Plesa, Mihaela Iordache (Bucharest, Romania)
10.35 - 10.40 Discussions
10.40 - 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 - 13.00 Session II - Metabolic Surgery Outcomes
Mahir Özmen (Ankara, Turkey)
Antonio Iannelli (Nice, France)
Cristian Boru (Bucharest, Romania)
11.00 - 11.15 Short and Mid Terms Outcomes of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for the Treatment of Obesity and Related Comorbidities
Mirto Foletto (Padua, Italy)
11.15 - 11.30 Early Mortality of Bariatric Surgery in France: a Study on 133.000 Patients Operated on Between 2007 and 2012
Antonio Iannelli (Nice, France)
11.30 - 11.45 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in Adolescents
Gianfranco Silecchia (Rome, Italy)
11.45 - 11.55 The First Experiences of Bariatric Surgery at the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery in Novi Sad
Radoica Jokić (Novi Sad, Serbia)
11.55 - 12.05 Sleeve Gastrectomy Alone or with DS : Comparative Assesment of Results
Yuri Yashkov (Moscow, Russia)
12.05 - 12.15 Gastric Sleeve First Option - Institutional Experience and Results
Miroslav Ilić (Novi Sad, Serbia)
12.15 - 12.25 Three Years of Bariatric Surgery in "St. Constantin" Hospital Braşov
Bogdan Moldovan (Braşov, Romania)
12.25 - 12.35 Sleeve-Gastrectomy: Pitfalls and Challenges in Our Experience
Răzvan Popescu (Constanţa, Romania)
12.35 - 12.45 Gastric Plication - a 3 Years Experience
Ciprian Duţă (Timişoara, Romania)
12.45 - 12.55 Gastric Plication - an Unfulfilled Promise
Cosmin Ion Puia, Paul Gabriel Cristea, Aida Puia (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
12.55 - 13.00 Discussions
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 - 16.00 Session III - Management of Particular Cases and Failures after Bariatric Surgery
Gianfranco Silecchia (Rome, Italy)
Mirto Foletto (Padua, Italy)
Cosmin Ion Puia (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
14.00 - 14.15 Non-Bariatric Surgery in the Obese Patients
Antonio Iannelli (Nice, France)
14.15 - 14.30 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Concomitant Hiatal Hernia Repair
Gianfranco Silecchia (Rome, Italy)
14.30 - 14.40 Active search for Hiatal Hernia in LSG - a Surgical Protocol
Simona Filip, Bogdan Smeu, Maura Priboi, Ionuţ Hutopilă, Irina Bălescu, Sorin Velici, Cătălin Copăescu (Bucharest, Romania)
14.40 - 14.50 Concomitant Cholecystectomy during Bariatric Surgery: Safety Issues
Tevfik Tolga Şahin (Ankara, Turkey)
14.50 - 15.00 Gastric Banding - Complications, Results, Efficiency
Sorin Olariu (Timişoara, Romania)
15.00 - 15.10 Re-Do AGB to MGBP
Mahir Özmen (Ankara, Turkey)
15.10 - 15.20 Re-do AGB to LSG
Tevfik Tolga Şahin (Ankara, Turkey)
15.20 - 15.30 Corrective Surgery ("Redo") after Bariatric Procedures in "Sf. Constantin" Hospital Braşov
Bogdan Moldovan (Braşov, Romania)
15.30 - 15.40 Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication: Indications, Results, Perspectives.
Our Experience after 30 Cases

Cristian Borz (Târgu-Mureş, Romania)
15.40 - 15.50 Laparoscopic Gastric Plication - Experience of Emergency County Hospital of Baia Mare
Mihaela Lese, Claudiu Mare, Monica Vardai, Andrei Szasz, Pavel Radu, Ioana Lese, Lavinia Mureşan, Adriana Stoicovici (Baia Mare, Romania)
15.50 - 16.00 Discussions
16.00 -16.30 Coffee Break
16.30 - 18.30 Session IV - Complications in Metabolic Surgery - Prevention and Management
Miroslav Ilić (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Sorin Olariu (Timişoara, Romania)
Yuri Yashkov (Moscow, Russia)
16.30 - 16.45 Pathophysiological Basis of Sleeve Gastrectomy Complications
Mirto Foletto (Padua, Italy)
16.45 - 16.55 The Importance and Limits of CT Examination in PO Leaks after Sleeve Gastrectomy
Gabriela Toma, Mugur Grasu, Dana Nedelcu, Claudia Bugeac (Bucharest, Romania)
16.55 - 17.05 The Importance of Upper GI Barium Study in Bariatric Surgery
Romeo Florin Galea, Florinela Căţoi Galea, E. Pop, A. Mironiuc, S. Chiorescu, Florin Mihăileanu, O. Grad, D. Mircioiu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
17.05 - 17.15 Misfire in Laparoscopic Stapled Bariatric Surgery. Pilot Error or Technical Failure: Who’s to Blame for it?
Cristian Boru, Dan Ulmeanu, Victor Constantinica, Adina Marinciu, Narcis Copca, Radu Poenaru (Bucharest, Romania)
17.15 - 17.25 Late Leaks after LSG
Irina Bălescu, Bogdan Smeu, Simona Filip, Maura Priboi, Ionuţ Hutopilă, Sorin Velici, Cătălin Copăescu, (Bucharest, Romania)
17.25 - 17.35 Postoperative Bleeding in LSG - an Uncontrolled Complication?
Maura Priboi, Bogdan Smeu, Simona Filip, , Ionuţ Hutopilă, Irina Bălescu, Sorin Velici, Cătălin Copăescu (Bucharest, Romania)
17.35 - 17.45 Incidents and Complications in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery - the Experience of the 3-rd Surgical Unit, “Sf. Spiridon”, Iași
Daniel Timofte (Iaşi, Romania)
17.45 - 17.55 Management of Stenosis after LGS
Ionuţ Hutopilă, Bogdan Smeu, Simona Filip, Maura Priboi, , Irina Bălescu, Sorin Velici, Cătălin Copăescu, (Bucharest, Romania)
17.55 - 18.05 How You Can Remove The Minimizer Band (video)
Aleksandr Neimark (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
18.05 - 18.15 Significant Weight Loss Without Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 Deficiency at 12 Months After Gastric Sleeve
Sergiu Serghei Pădureanu, Lidia Iuliana Arhire, Laura Mihalache, Radu Sebastian Gavril, Andrei Cătălin Oprescu, Mariana Graur (Iaşi, Romania)
18.15 - 18.30 Discussions
18.30 Final Remarks. Closing Ceremony
19.00 Networking Reception

Conference Hall 2

Allied Health Symposium
Updates on diagnosis and surgical treatment of a metabolic patient
09.10 - 09.40 Protection Equipment in the Operating Room
Marius Anin
09.40 - 10.40 Mechanical Suture - Gold Standard in Laparoscopic Surgery
Cătălina Tudose
10.40 - 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 - 12.00 Optimal Selection of the Suturing mAterial and the Parietal Prosthesis in the Benefit of the Patient
Ozana Nicolae, Dragoș Moșoiu
12.00 - 13.00 Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilizing Methods for Storz Instruments and Laparoscopic Equipment
Adrian Pavel
13.00 - 14.00 Preparing and Following after an Endoscopy a Bariatric and Metabolic Patient
Cristian Balahura

Poster Session

The "Sf. Constantin" Hospital’s Experience with Gastric Sleeve LESS
Bogdan Moldovan (Braşov, Romania)

Gastro-Enteric Bypass for Obesity and Diabetes Patients Based on Minimal Invasive Endoscopic Interventions - State of the Art Review and Design of an Experimental Study
Valeriu Surlin (1), S. Ramboiu (1), B. Ungureanu (1), Ștefan Pătrașcu (1), Cătălin Copăescu (2), Florin Turcu (2), Carmen Nicolau (3), Lucian Gruionu (1), A. Săftoiu (1)
(1) Craiova, Romania
(2) Bucharest, Romania
(3) Târgu-Mureș, Romania

 : The VI th National Symposium of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery